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Educational Service Division


Admission Annoucement & Application Forms

>>Ph.D.(Development Administration)
>>Ph.D.(HROD)(International Program)
>>Ph.D.(Computer Science and Information Systems)
>>Ph.D. (Language and Communication)
>>Language and Communication (English Program)
>>MBA (English Program)
   Written Examination
   Tuition Fee Scholarship

Apply to NIDA
Applicants can also download an application form in a friendly-printable version by choosing your applied program bellow. All downloadable forms are pdf type. If you cannot read them, please click “here” to download program.

1. All applicants must use an A4 white paper for printing and not change or edit wordings in the form. If any change is found later, NIDA has the right to cancel and discard the application.

2. Complete all required fields with clear and easy to read .

3. Read details for each program you want to apply in the application announcement.

4. If applied via postal mail, all applicants must send all academic documents and a copy of pay in slip or money order of admission fee to the Educational Service Division, NIDA.

5. The Educational Service Division, NIDA has a right to process application with complete required document and qualification. And the receipt of payment will be issued and sent via postal mail, enclosed with a Booklet of Academic Guidance, to given your address.


NIDA Curriculums




NIDA Handbook


Manual for Using the Educational Service System via the Internet


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